IT'S 2020



We are here to revolutionize your wedding video. We take the time to get to know our clients, so we can tell your story honestly and artfully. Every love story is as unique as the people falling into it. Our passion is to create a film to capture and hold each precious moment forever.

Ilana Kapra and Melissa Smith -  wedding and event videographers pose on the beach near Cabo Rojo in Puerto Rico
"WHEN you become the image of your own imagination, it’s the most powerful thing you could ever do."
The lesbian couple (Ilana kapra and melissa smith) pose agaist the wall in old san juan, puerto rico


We are Ilana and Melissa, owners of DEV.


In 2017, we met on a film set in New Zealand. We admit it wasn’t love at first sight, but as we got to know each other we bonded over our mutual love of traveling, storytelling, and making up terrible pun based limericks. We spent a year living out of a green 1991 Nissan Ceifero, and now we live in a house by beautiful Footbridge Beach in Ogunquit, Maine. We push boundaries, break boxes, and take bold risks. We are proudly #queerowned.